Bee hives in loft

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Fish the Mod | 21:23 Thu 25th Jan 2007 | Home & Garden
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While putting some boxes in the Attic, I noticed to big bee hives the size of footballs, I assume there empty with the cold weather. Is it safe to hammer them of the wall into a black bag or will the bees know what Ive done when they return.


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Are you sure its a bees nest and not a wasp one? Anyway....

In the case of a wasps' nest - in the Autumn the young queens mate and leave the nest to hibernate. The rest of the nest dies out and the nest is never used again. Provided you are absolutely sure the nest is dead you can knock it down and dispose of it.

In the case of a bees' nest - it could be that other bees may 'adopt' the nest, whereas honey bees hibernate over winter as a colony and use the same nest. In that case, call the experts!!!
i had this prob,best way 2stop them returnin is bleach the nest n surrounding areas,it worked a treat for me,ps use the full bottle n soak the nest

I also have the fabulous mental image of Gansta styly bees out baying for your blood seeing as you murdered their 'brothas'
Sounds like wasps. Unlikely to be any inhabitants at this time of year, but if you can, put a poly bag over the nest and pull it off. Any wasps might be like me, a bit grumpy after being woken up!
If you telephone your local police they will give you the names etc of local bee keepers.As there is a national shortage of bees they will be only too willing to come round and advise.A lovely man came to sort us out.It actually turned out to be a wasp's nest ,but he didn't mind.There was no charge.
Never harm a bee. You do need to get in touch with a bee keeper (sure they are bees and not wasps?) have a look in your yellow pages, or phone rspca as they will put you in contact with someone who can come up and remove the hives.
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Now that you mention it, i Think it is wasps nest, I didnt hang around long enough. Thanks for all of the above, evens your s cleversod
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I had a guy come around to move it, he wanted �50...I was stung

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Bee hives in loft

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