best position for sun?

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stevie58 | 17:30 Mon 22nd Jan 2007 | Home & Garden
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hi all, thinking of buying a house on a new development off plan but dont know what position the house should faceing to make the most of the sun in the back garden in the summer months? thanks stevie.


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Sun goes from East to West and is due South at midday, therefore the garden should face South.
For most sun in your back garden the front of your house should face approximately North.
West is best
During the summer (BST), the sun is at it's highest at 1pm.
Just re-read this question Of course, the house itself needs to face north if it's the BACK garden that needs the sun ! Sorry.
Actually, if you're at work during the day, best if your back garden faces west or south-west so you can get maximum benefit.
NB: these answers are all valid only if you're on Earth. Different rules may apply on other planets.
When estate agents and the like refer to the facing of a garden, they mean the direction you would look towards if you were looking through the back window to the back garden (and beyond). Generally in the UK, being in the Northern Hemisphere, South-facing is preferred for maximum sunlight throughout the whole day. The overall amount of light received depends on the aspect (the direction your garden faces). Use a compass and look out of the back window.

North-facing gardens get the least light and can be damp
South-facing gardens get the most light
East-facing gardens get morning light
West-facing gardens get afternoon and evening light
South facing gets the most sun but it is also too hot.
West is best

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best position for sun?

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