Putting a window into a brick wall - planning permission?

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Oneeyedvic | 13:26 Thu 28th Dec 2006 | Home & Garden
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We are looking to put a window into a wall that overlooks a neighbour's property. The title deeds state that we are not allowed to do this - however, there is one existing window in this wall already and the neighbours (who we get on well with) have indicated that they have no problem with it (it will not over look them and we have agreed that we will put obscured glass in).

Question is: do we need any planning permission to put the window in and do we need anything apart from a letter from our neighbours - ie what would happen if they move out? Do we need to get a solicitor involved?


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There are 2 different legal issues and you must deal with both of them.
The title deeds is a law of property issue, which seems to mean your neighbour has an easement preventing the placing of a window. I'll leave other lawyers to comment on this, but I believe that its more than a letter from the neighbours that you need.
The PP issue is part of the Town and Country Planning Act. Irrespective of the first issue, you may have to apply for PP, unless the window is on the ground floor (when you won't). If the proposed window is first floor and overlooks the neighbours house or rear garden, you may have to apply for PP. Ask Development Control at the Council for an informal meeting - they will give you advice for free. Getting PP (if required) doesn't remove the land title issue.
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cheers buildersmate - will post another question in Law.

The window is in hallway but at first floor height, so looks like PP will be needed


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Putting a window into a brick wall - planning permission?

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