Small room - large or small tiles?

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vtempo | 09:46 Tue 19th Aug 2003 | Home & Garden
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I am currently revamping a small bathroom and need to make a decision about wall tiles. Does anybody know what size of tile is best to make a small room feel bigger - small mosaic tiles or larger tiles? Thanks...


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We have a small bathroom, recently redone. My opinion is that large tiles make a room look less cluttered, therefore more spacious, but small pale tiles would probably look more spacious than large dark ones. Mixed colours can look busy and therefore smaller. You could make some trial pieces on large sheets of paper, paint on various tile patterns, then blu tack the sheets to the wall, like the match pot concept. I found it helpful to visit a tile shop which had really big sample boards of the tiles, but even then it took us two whole weekends and many revisits to the same shops to decide. We ended up with "bumpy white" tiles about 1.5 ordinary tiles wide and 2 ordinary tiles long, broken up with one horizontal line of square "bumpy blue" tiles. The white ones came from Band Q and the blues from focus, the effect is fab and the tiles were quite cheap. Also small tiles means more grout to keep clean...
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Thanks Woofgang, You have made up mind for me...I'm going to ditch the mosaic idea and use large tiles instead...
We had an incredibly small bathroom, did white tiles on three walls and left the fourth, odd shaped, wall free to paint so we could change colours as fashions changed, when we left it was aqua with a laminate beech floor and silver fittings
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I have just had my bathroom retiled. I used 15in by 10in(approx) tiles and it looks stunning. Matching borders can be included along with a matching decor tile (placed randomly) which is "fancier" than the standard tile.Choosing a colour scheme that matches these options give a proffesional effect.

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Small room - large or small tiles?

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