problems with my gas fire - please help!!!!!

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ollie06 | 10:24 Fri 15th Dec 2006 | Home & Garden
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I have recently moved into a new home (Sept) and the property had a new gas fire fitted (March approx) so hadn't been used much - if at all due to the warm summer.

After using the fire for the first time we noticed one of the pebbles had a black circle round it. There was also two black - what looked liked growths under the pebbles forming. This started to get worse with every use, now all the pebbles are black and under the pebbles is loads and loads of sut like material. We have vacumed it out several times but it got worse and worse and now will not even light. I am going to arrange for a Corgi registered contractor out but was just wondering if anyone had any clues as to what it could be??????????

Many Thanx
Ollie ;-)


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The black stuff is as you thought it was SOOT and is a sure sign that your fire is in distress and is most likley to be a ventilation or poor installation problem ie. incorrect pipe sizing and poor gas rating and pressures. This can be very dangerous and even deadly. Do not use this fire till it has been checked out for safety and serviced by a CORGI Gasman.

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problems with my gas fire - please help!!!!!

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