Stacking washing machine/ tumble drier

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edwardian | 14:30 Wed 22nd Nov 2006 | Home & Garden
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This is a desperate plea for help. Can anyone tell me what you need to secure a tumble drier placed on top of a washing machine. I thought this would be a good solution for lack of space in the utility room.However, despite spending hours trawling the www, I cannot find any 'stackers' ( It would [probably be a help if I knew what they are actually called.) The reason for my desperation is that the husband,OAP + 1, has volunteered to make 'something suitable' Now , while the poor old soul means well, his DIY achievements are sadly lacking (imagine an old Frank Spencer) As I type he is in the shed looking for materials.This will probably be a thirty year old piece of wood that has been preserved in case ' it might come in useful one day' .I fear that day could be today. If some kind person could give me an idea of what I need to buy, I would be very grateful. In the meantime I'm off to lie in a darkened room.


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Hi edwardian it`s called a stacking kit but it depends on your make of machine which one you want. I`ve seen an indesit one and that was would you believe �40. I`ve got a husband like you they really get on your nerves. Bits of old wood hidden away for the future. He once made me an easel for a small painting I wanted to do. It ended up six feet tall and I couldn`t reach it. thats the one I was saying about
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Hello Pea Pod.
Many thanks for your help. Believe me , the cost is irrelevant.
May I offer you my deepest sympathies.I know how you suffer (mostly in silence !)
I bet your husband, like mine, thinks he's god's gift to woodwork etc. The sight of the aged one trying to fathom out flat pack instructions has to be seen to be believed.
I'm off to find a stacking system before it is too late.
There is a sound of hammering from the bottom of the garden!!!

lol lol and lol, I can't help you out- sorry! but your tale here really made me giggle, i'm sorry it's at your expense though!!!
A few bits of wood screwed onto the wall to act as brackets and a good solid piece of worktop or something similar is cheaper and quicker.Have faith in your husband.
I'm sorry edwardian, but tears of laughter are streaming down my face. But this is only because we have hundreds of odds and ends stored in our garage "which might come in useful one day" (and in 25 years they rarely have.) so I know where you're coming from.

I wonder whether a square of thick foam place on top of your washing machine would help anchor the tumble drier. If two bolts could be drilled into your wall, either side of the tumble drier with a an "O" in them, a nylon strap (such as used for securing suitcases) could be strapped round the tumble drier, and slipped through each "O" hole to anchor it.

On second thoughts, this is probable a similar botch up to what your husband is about to come up with, so perhaps better forget it! Hope you sort something out.
Hi there, I had the same problem and as my washing machine and tumble dryer were different makes couldn't find a suitable stacking kit. They are �40+ to buy anyway. As Dasherman has already suggested, we solved the problem by fitting a piece of worktop above the washing machine and standing the tumble dryer on that. By the way my husband is not a competent DIYer but so far so good!

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Stacking washing machine/ tumble drier

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