Removing smell of milk from upholstery

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KRUSTY | 17:08 Sat 18th Nov 2006 | Home & Garden
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As a result of helping my elderly father with his shopping, a pint of milk emptied onto the back seats of my car. I since removed the seats and cleaned them thoroughly - twice - but the car still smells terribly of rancid milk. Anyone got some lifesaving (and I mean lifesaving! My wife is threatening to kill me!) advice on how to deal with the smell?? TIA.


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Febreze could provide an answer, but how permanent it would be I don`t know.
Hey Krusty.
Don't know if this will help, you don't say how this happened, when something similar happened to us.
As the milk had not been sealed correctly in the factory and spilt all over our carpetted boot - we managed to get some compensation from the supermarket towards the cost of having it steam cleaned at a professional valetter (is that a word? someone who valets?).
I think it was �15 , and was sorted out fine, no more smell! Might be worth a go or you could try steam cleaning it yourself, if you know someone with a steam cleaner?
Just an idea - good luck!
Supposedly a bowl of vinegarleft overnight in the car will neutralise the smell. Don't forget to remove it before you move the car though!
Honest John included advice from a correspondent in his Daily Telegraph column a few weeks ago, as follows:

Clean and kill off the bacteria using bicarbonate of soda. Then get rid of the smell by leaving a couple of bowls of malt vinegar standing in the car overnight. (Just remember not to drive off with them still in the car.) Reads like an old wive's remedy but it works.

I hope it does, for your sake.
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Many thanks faraday, your solution worked a treat - the answerbank is the internet at it's best!

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Removing smell of milk from upholstery

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