Mess on ceramic hob.

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Snowy Owl | 14:54 Sat 18th Nov 2006 | Home & Garden
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Rashers on grill pan on ceramic hob waiting for grill to warm up. Grill turned to `twin` to preheat...except that it wasn`t the grill I turned on, but the double front ring! Now have what I guess is enamel from two spots on the base of the pan burnt on to the hob.

HELP! How am I going to be able to remove them? Nothing I`ve got here at the moment has made any inroads at all.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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Try Hob Brite it is made to clean ceramic hobs without damage. Is great for all class cleaning, you will find it in most supermarkets
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Thanks for the thought Holmbrae, that was the first thing that I no avail I`m afraid. It`s really burnt on, I reckon something to dissolve it without damaging the hob, not sure what though!
You might have tried it already but glass scrapers are great for cleaning hobs - just be gentle and check with your hob manufacturer which one they recommend. Mine is Neff and you can buy a CERAQuick� Scraper from their website for #8.

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Mess on ceramic hob.

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