Electric or Gas Combi, Which is best, Which is Cheapest ?

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tagg212 | 08:02 Sat 18th Nov 2006 | Home & Garden
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I am currently looking at changing my gas combi boiler. Preferably I would like to relocate it from it's current location, however there is no other suitable position on an external wall in my house. I therefore have a choice, install a new gas combi in it's current position, or change to electric which would allow me to relocate the boiler. Would the increase in the fuel costs outweigh the reduction in maintenance costs? And would the electric combi be as efficient as the gas combi ? I would appreciate any advice on this submject, thank you.


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There are so many different flueing options nowadays regarding gas boilers that an external wall for the boiler to fit onto is no longer a necessity.
Obtain any boiler manufacturers leaflet to see the various options available to you.
Hope this helps.
This is very true, but one still has to run the flue pipe in a generally-upward direction somewhere around the wall to an external wall to vent out.
There's a wealth of stuff already written on this site about the relative efficiency merits of gas versus electricity. Bear in mind that you would have to use off-peak electricity (Economy-7 or similar tariff) to make this most economic for you. Unless you are planning to store hot water for your electric-based system (in a special thermal store or similar) I can't see how you can run your heating during the daytime without using Normal Rate tariff electricity.

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Electric or Gas Combi, Which is best, Which is Cheapest ?

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