faulty frost free fridge/ freezer help

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SALSASAUCE | 23:06 Sun 01st Oct 2006 | Home & Garden
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Hi there, i have a frost free fridge freezer which i feel has just went fault,y first strange buzzing noises came from it and and now the temperature has gone up to +28 in the fridge, i have got rid of all the food. now the freezer temp is going down slowly but surely and i was hoping someone would give me some advice on what to do. i am a single parent and am afraid of it being unrepairable so would appreciate some advice on what the best thing is to do. so thankyou for any comments.


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Where are you storing your freezer? Is it in a warm place like a kitchen or a cooler room? I've read recently that frost free freezers don't work effectively in cool rooms and are designed to work in warmer temperatures. (I posted a similar question on this thread quite recently). I don't know how old your freezer is but is it still covered by a warranty? If so, go back to the supplier. Hopefully somebody more mechanically minded can help you.
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thanks wendy, no my fridge freezer is in the kitchen and has been working well for the last 4.8 years till now. unfortunating it will no longer be under warranty but i did expect to get a lot longer than this out of it it cost alot of money when i cought it �600 so i expected it to last. silly me. i was hoping there were some technically minded people reading this post to help me out. but listen thanks for answering it take care.
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Hi. I had the same problem with a 5 yr old Hotpoint Frost Free Fridge Freezer. The freezer part was o.k but the fridge temperature shot right up. I rang some guy to come to look at it . He said it was a common problem and told me what to do over the phone free of charge. You need to empty both the fridge and the freezer. Switch it off and leave the freezer door open for 24 hours. He said it's important to leave the freezer door open as it's something to do with the fan at the back getting blocked with ice (although it's supposed to be frost free!). The fridge is now working properly again. Good luck!
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thanks to everyone who have answered my query, this site is great honestly. i have to say sleeper you were 100% right i have did the same as you have said already as that same instant has happened to me free of charge. as there is still good honest people let in this world and it definately worked. so thanks everyone for the info my fridge freezer is back on track and pingu i checked your site out too it is now saved into my favourites good site.

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faulty frost free fridge/ freezer help

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