My DVD player jumps constantly!!

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Roidy203 | 22:08 Sat 02nd Sep 2006 | Home & Garden
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Please help! The DVD player in my living room jumps all the time, it works fine on the other TV's in the house. This is my 3rd player as all of them have jumped I assumed they were faulty and bought a new ones - these now work fine in the bedrooms! I even bought a new TV thinking it may be that but it still jumps! I've replaced scart leads with new ones without success. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?


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Check the player is level and for sources of vibration, For example, are you near a main road or train line? Do you run any other appliances such as washing machines? You could try a cleaning disc, though this doesn't appear to be the problem.
It may seem obvious - but have you cleaned the lens???
As Matheous says more likely to be dirty or damaged discs............................look here.............. =gkw&Criteria=dvd%20cleaners&U=dvd%20cleaners& T=2005743&gclid=CPnlpt_ykYcCFSl-MAodDBCmsQ
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Thanks for your replies. I have cleaned the lenses on numerous occasions and I clean discs each time I put one in. The fact that the player works on other tv's in the house baffles me! As far as I can see the surface is level and there's no major vibrations. Think I'll revert back to VHS - less bother!! Thanks anyway

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My DVD player jumps constantly!!

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