21 inch washing machine

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gen2 | 21:39 Sun 27th Aug 2006 | Home & Garden
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We live in an old stone-built house. We have a small utility room with an alcove just 22.5 inches wide. The old standard width for white goods used to be 21" and we have had a very reliable (until now) washing machine that fitted perfectly in that alcove. I cannot find a replacement washing machine that will fit this space since the modern standard width requires a space just over 23" wide. If the new washing machine has to sit forward of this alcove, it will block access to the freezer. I have found adverts for half-load machines that will fit but that is no use to us.

So, Does anyone know of a current model of washing machine that will take a full load and yet is only 21" wide?

Many thanks if you can come up with such a model.


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How old is your existing washing machine? The only thing I can suggest is that you try and locate some companies or electrical dealers who specialise in rennovating and selling second-hand kitchen appliances. If you know the model name and number and ring around, it's possible that one of these organisations could help you out, if you don't mind having a washing machine that is second-hand. Perhaps your local Yellow Pages would be a start.
Or you could try the white goods forum ..lots of knowledgeable people and public ..someone may be able to help . =Forums&file=index
Bosch do a slimline washer. It is toploading and when you lift up the lid the drum sits from 12 to six on a clockface, instead of across from 9 to 3 if you will. To put the clothes in you undo a spring opening into the drum. My cousin has one and it has been v. good so far, over five years. John Lewis stocked them a couple of years ago might be worth a peruse.
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Thank for all your replies.

WendyS, My machine was a Servis and has given sterling service over a great many years. Callouts to the repairman have increased in recent years and the last straw was when the machine flooded the utility room when it failed to cut off the water input.

shaneystar2, Sorry, time ran out and drastic action was needed since the dirty clothes were piling up. That may have been a good forum, but I had to act quickly.

sense4all, Mrs gen2 has declared that she will not have a top loader since using one long ago that was pretty pathetic in its attempt to spin dry the clothes.

Today I got a big hammer and a bolster and persuaded the wall to give. Meanwhile, Mrs gen2 was selecting a replacement machine from Currys, Comet or whatever and has plumped for a Hotpoint.

Thanks again, gen2
Ya, it is available with the brand Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine is a best and powerful washing machine in a portable size. This washing machine can hold up to 20 pounds which include 5 to 6 pair of jeans easily. To know fully about Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine visit here

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21 inch washing machine

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