500 watt security light

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Upforit | 21:24 Sun 27th Aug 2006 | Home & Garden
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Is the glass in these lights a special glass, and if so does anybody know where in th uk or on the web I can get a replacement? (I Live in Tamworth, Staffs)
Thanks in advance.


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i imagine it is a halogen bulb you will require .You will get a replacement from b and q .Follow the instructions ,if you touch the glass with sweaty fingers you could blow the bulb when you switch it on
A make would help, but I would suggest it is not the glass that is special, but the bulb. These are normally tungsten I think - whatever, you mustn't touch them with your bare skin when you replace them.

If it is the glass and you have broke it, I would suggest you get a glazier to just cut you a peice of similar thickness, or try the manufacturer.
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Thanks. It is not the halogen bulb. I went up to change this, and found the front panel of glass was broken. Unfortunately, it has been up some time and I do not know who made it. I can't find a maker on it. Thanks anyway. At �8.50p, I suppose the easy thing would be to replace the whole unit.
Answered your own question, it is easier and probably cheaper to just buy a new light then you will have a spare bulb!

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500 watt security light

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