Squirrels in the loft

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parris | 20:35 Thu 24th Aug 2006 | Home & Garden
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For some years my cousin has been having problems with the squirrels in his loft. He has a massive garden with lots of shrubs and trees. There is constant noise in his loft, and also squirrel droppings. The problem persists even after he has had all the visible gaps blocked using some chickenwire. The pest control come for a few weeks and then sign off saying that since the poison that they leave has not been eaten by the squirrels there isn't much else that they can do. Please can you help. You may have had similar experiences. How did you get rid of the squirrels. By the way his family and children are afraid to go in the loft because of the squirrels.


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Are they Grey or Red Squirrels ?
If they are grey they can be shot - they are classed as vermin as they are a non-native species - Reds however are native and are protected - I'm sure the RSPCA could advise you on the best course of action.
I assume these are grey squirrels as the pest control people would never poison red squirrels - it's not allowed! And in any case it is very rare for red squirrels to enter loft spaces.

My neighbour traps them with a baited cage.

Then puts the cage and squirrel in the water butt.

Another neighbour shoots them.

They are hugely destructive and will cause damage in the loft.

If you do bait and trap them, remember it is illegal to release them so you will have to destroy them.

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Woodchopper & Ethel

Thank you for your replies. They are grey squirrels. Can't understand why the Pest Control from the Council don't use a baited cage to catch them. I understand that the insurance companies do not cover any damages caused by the squirrels. Is that true?
Get rid of them! ASAP!

They are really destructive, they can wreck your electrical wiring and hence you risk fires being started. There's also the health hazard; they carry all sorts of pests. Think rats with bushy tails.

I'm sure you could find someone who'd relish coming in to shoot them.
I can vouch for their destructiveness - had them plus bats, an owl & a flock of starlings in my previous old house. Had the conservation people round & had to wait til the bats became active (April) then gave the roof space a good clean & repaired & treated all the holes they had made under the eaves.
That got rid of the whole menagerie without killing anything!

Good luck.

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Squirrels in the loft

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