Hanging Baskets - winter flowers..

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foxydivano1 | 14:27 Thu 17th Aug 2006 | Home & Garden
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My hanging baskets are coming to an end, but was wondering if i could plant some kind of flower/pansies for the winter? I have got used to them down the side of my house and its seems to brighten the place up - so would love to keep them up all year around. Is there any type of flowers/plants that will live in the hanging baskets through the winter months?



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Yes, Pansies should be fine. You could also put in a small dwarf conifer and a couple of Ivies, perhaps 1 yellow & 1 variagated. I've done this for a couple of years now & it looks great. The pansies will wilt slightly in very frosty weather, but will recover.
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thanks Chasbo - i'm off to the garden centre tomorrow!

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Hanging Baskets - winter flowers..

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