Can you use gloss paint on a radiator?

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oceanauk | 21:12 Mon 03rd Jul 2006 | Home & Garden
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My Dad wants to use gloss on my radiator and I want to make sure you can use that paint - I know that there are special paints out there specifically for radiators - is this to do with being heat resistant and if this is the case is it dangerous to use anything else? Many thanks!


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Yes, I have used ordinary gloss paint on a radiator, which I painted in the summer and it was OK. However, it did seem to go yellow more quickly and I have since used the special radiator paint which seems to give a more resilient finish. However. if you use this, be sure to paint in a well ventilated room because the fumes can be quite overpowering.
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Oh that's excellent WendyS thank you!!
you can get aerosol spray paint for radiators but I found it expensive and difficult to apply (it took 4 coats) also time consuming having to mask off the walls etc. I'd stick to simple white emulsion
If you use an eggshell paint it wont yellow so quickly although the finish will be more satin then gloss. I prefer this finish.
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So can you use normal emulsion too then?? Thank you for all your responses!

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Can you use gloss paint on a radiator?

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