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SC00BY | 23:25 Wed 28th Jun 2006 | Home & Garden
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1) If council (public) trees overhang my property can I cut them back? I assume I can't cut them down!

2) I have a conservatory and I would like to remove the 'pillers' from each corner, and then have the whole thing reglazed. Do I need to ask the planning office before doing this?



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1. If trees overhang your garden you can cut them back but you have to return the cuttings to the owner so it will mean you will have to dump the cuttings on the council front steps.

2. No, but make an appointment at the hospital first because if you remove the "pillers" from each corner it could fall down.
Hi Scooby, might be wise to ring the council first and ask, just in case the trees are protected by a presevation order.

Toureman is certainly right about the conservatory, what were you thinking of???? H.
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I'm going to get someone in. To remove the roof, all the side windows, then remove pillars. Then UPVC the whole lot including the roof!! It looks odd with the two corner pillars. But thanks for the concern!

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Two questions, 1 home 1 garden!

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