Poisoning Leylandii trees

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heybridge1 | 16:25 Wed 21st Jun 2006 | Home & Garden
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Any ideas? My neighbours are growing fast and furious and the council won't help. I was wondering about leaning over the fence one night and pouring something on the roots....


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I understand how you feel, but you are likely to face charges for criminal damage.

Probably best to poison the neighbours. :)
Why won't the council help? Under the High Hedges legislation they should at least measure everything up and decide whether the height is too great; you may have to pay a fee up front. If you poison the tree roots, including the ones crossing the boundary into your garden, and the trees die you can be prosecuted for criminal damage although they would need to catch you in the act and provide enough evidence.
Is it possible you could have a friendly chat with your neighbours and agree on a reasonable hight for his hedge to suit both parties ? say... something like 8ft - 2m and shake hands on it.
Purely hypothethical answer because I couldn't possibly condone such behaviour but I understand that a hole or two drilled into the trunk at a downwards angle filled with strong herbicide might have the desired effect. I understand it is best to clear the soil away a bit and drill just below ground level at ground level. Then when the inevitable starts to happen (it will take many months) the evidence can be covered over. That's what I was told anyway.
i have the same problem. My neighbout has a leylandaii and it is taller than our house!! The trunk is so huge that if two people put their arms round it, your hands dont meet. It is damaging the dividing fence but as it is their fence we cant claim for damage. No one will help us and i am seriously considering moving..... but it will affect the sale of our house
If you are following buildersmates non advice I wouldn't advice you to use "root out" cos it would kill the roots !!!!
Someone set fire to my sister's conifers......they were gone in about two minutes.
Just a thought.....not a suggestion.
Stay cool.

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Poisoning Leylandii trees

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