Opinions on quote, please (cont)

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CW1 | 17:17 Mon 12th Jun 2006 | Home & Garden
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(cont) Connect boiler to 240v mains supply. Make alterations to plumbing in airing cupboard so pipe work is hidden under floor as much as possible and shower supplies are connected to new hot and cold supplies. Thoroughly power flush entire heating system, leave corrosion proof inhibitor in system. Commission boiler, test and leave working.

Labour and Materials � 1790:00 + vat


Upgrade boiler to 30Si � 70:00 + vat

Upgrade boiler to 30 Cdi � 150:00 + vat

Plume management kit (if needed) � 45:00 + vat


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Hi CW, that sounds reasonable to me, have you a thermostat in the hall or one of the rooms? if not I would ask him to put one in,cos all new systems should have one,but it doesn't sound expensive to me, I would think the boiler must be about �1000.00 but you could check that out on the Plumb center website, Ray
To check CORGI registration ring 01256 372 300 or
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raysparx, thanks for that. That's really made me feel better ! :o) Specially after checking that website. At the mo' I have 2 thermostats - one in the dining room (not used, I don't think) and one in the lounge. he's quoted me for a wireless one.

sandbach99 - already did that ;o) The company's registered, rather than the 'fitter'. S'pose that means ALL their fitters need to be up to scratch ?

I'm a bit concerned about the shower being compatible tho'. The fitter reckons it should be ok but as I've no idea when the bathroom'll be refitted, should isn't really the answer I need. The shower's really old, no manufacturer's mark, and on a hose, plumbed into the wall.

Following their annual safely check British Gas condemned my perfect fit boiler. They then quoted �7.000+ to replace the entire system, boiler, radiators and pipes. I should add I only live in a 3 storey stone cottage with 8 radiators! Despite it being the middle of January and being desperate I got another quote from a local tradesman he replaced the boiler for �1200 who said that there was nothing wrong with the pipework or radiators. The boiler he supplied had a higher spec than the British Gas one. I wouldn't touch British Gas with a barge pole.

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Opinions on quote, please (cont)

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