Dispute over easement/R.O.W

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Catso | 22:22 Thu 25th May 2006 | Home & Garden
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My house is on an unadopted road, along with about 8 other houses. There's a bit of a dispute underway, details of which I won't go into, but in essence my question is�
If there is a dispute between neighbours about ownership (or not) and/or rights over of a piece of land, how does one go about checking the deeds of other people, in an attempt to resolve this.
I'm sure that in our case, some people's deeds contain the information that would resolve the dispute, unequivocally. Unfortunately, the people in question aren't willing to let anyone see, let alone copy, their deeds. They won't even say what's on them. (Rather odd, I think) So, if they have the information, but they're not willing to let anyone else know it, how do we solve the issue? Is there a means to force them to reveal what's on the deeds?
Before anyone suggests it, I have thought of the Land Registry, but I doubt the LR will have the particular deeds we really want to see as these properties haven't chanegd hands for 40 years or so.


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You can check if the properties have been registered with the Land Registry, and thus form part of the database, on their website...

You just need an ordinance surveyor to check your boundaries from the o/s map you should have got a copy with your deeds but don�t worry if you cannot find yours as the surveyor will obtain one for you
It will cost about �75

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djc45, it isn't my deeds that are the problem. As the question says, it's other people's deeds and they won't show them.
Catso... are the properties registered with LR?
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Not the 'problem' ones, no

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Dispute over easement/R.O.W

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