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Princess Sue | 00:27 Wed 17th May 2006 | Home & Garden
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I am having an extension on the side of my house to make an extra bedroom/girly room for myself. It will have a main window approx 5ft 6" wide by 4ft high and also a side window 4ft x 4ft. Planning people have said the small window on the side has to be obscure and non-opening. I am thinking of a stained glass window - does anyone have any experience of these? Will I get fed up with it? Will it not let enought light through? Is this a good idea in a bedroom or is it more suitable for a landing? Help anyone with any ideas - also help to choose the right design- also thought of bevelled glass design i.e. like a front door panel - just put in the window frame. The window will be upvc and will have to have plastic running down the middle to look like two panes. Thanks anyone - this is not proving to be easy!


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you can buy stick on frosting. ( like fabulon ) then if you get bored peel it off and whack a different style on. the plastic middle bar can also be stuck on, it's just to blend in with the house/area. ask a double glazzing firm they may be able to help. or try b&q or wickes.
Its a good idea but the Planning people probably won't let you 'get away' with a stick-on design because it would be too easy to take it off, thus eliminating the constraint. The reason why the window has to be obscurely is normally because the window overlooks a neighbouring property or its garden. Pilkington Glass does quite a wide range (about 20) of textured glass designs these days which you can probably see at your local glass merchant.

I'm not sure about whether most stained glass windows of that size would meet building regulations in a modern house.

There were a lot of regulations on energy efficiency brought in a couple of years back and that rather complicates stained glass.

It's not impossible though it might be a bit steep have a look at this for example:

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