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maxfolks | 22:09 Sun 07th May 2006 | Home & Garden
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I had a laurel hedge planted at the beginning of February which consisted of 30 6 foot Laurels in root ball form. One or two have died and around half have a few yellow leaves although the majority are flowering which I hope is a good sign. I am worried as the hedge cost me a lot of money which I can ill afford. I have been told that plants of this size take a few months to establish, what do you think, will it be ok? I have seen quite a few established Laurel hedges around with the same problem.


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Hi max, Laurel is pretty hardy,but when trimming it take your time,do it with secateurs and if you cut a leaf take it off because it will die anyway,what you can do instead of buying more hedging is lay some of the branches on the ground and weighh or pin them down and they will eventually self root,it makes a fantastic hedge but be patient and keep trimming it,it will then become a really dense hedge, Good luck, Ray

I wouldn't worry too much about a few yellow leaves it will always shed some leaves.

if your leaves are a yellowy green try feeding it with slow release plant food. i find wilkos plant food does the trick and lasts about 6 months too
Hello Max I had exactly the same problem a few years ago after planting some laurels and found watering them with an ericaceous plant food solved the problem. This type of fertiliser is normally used for camelias, rhododendrons etc.

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Laurel hedge

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