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spaced | 13:21 Mon 01st May 2006 | Home & Garden
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We had some double glazing (PVC) fitted to the kitchen and bathroom around 2yrs ago. yesterday I noticed that the bathroom window had condenstation on it. When I went to wipe it I realised that the condensation was in the inside of the glazing and I also noticed a buiold up of water at the base on the inside of the glazing. Fortunately trhe next day all the water had gone, but returned again after. Why and how is water/condesation getting into double glazing and how do I resolve it?



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They mustn't be sealed properly, if they came with a guarantee (which I would suspect) give the company who you bought them from a call.
I've got the same problem with my bedroom window. I can actually see where the seal has worn at the corner. My windows were installed with a 10 year guarantee, but hey, guess what.....they've been in for 10 years and 4 months!! Happy Days!
I think this is definitely being caused by a faulty seal in the rubber gasket and shouldn't happen in new units. Normally this can happen after several years when the sealant starts to decay and break down. . Contact your supplier immediately. and ask for the panes to be replaced. Phone them and follow up your complaint in writing so that there is no room for argument. This problem will gradually get worse over time, especially if it rains or in damp weather so it's best to get it sorted quickly.

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Double Glazing problem...

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