washing steel boned corsets

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Morrisonker | 22:08 Tue 28th Mar 2006 | Home & Garden
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Thought I'd see if any of you have experience that might help here instead of going on some website that might be speaking crap. I just bought a Heavy Red corset and I'm planning to wear it out tomorrow night for dancing and general merriment. I'm foreseeing some sweatiness so how do i go about washing it? I presume washing machines are a no-no, do I just kinda spot clean it with some warm soapy water? It's made of satin so I don't want to wreck the fabric.
Many thanks if you can help/suggest anything.


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I've handwashed my satin steel boned corset and it came out OK. Just filled a basin with hot water and some washing powder, agitated it a little, and drip-dried it over the bath. I think those instructions came from Vollers, so they're probably reliable.
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awesome, I was hoping someone would have instructions from vollers, they know their stuff. thanks!

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washing steel boned corsets

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