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Van_Huzendt | 09:33 Sun 26th Mar 2006 | Home & Garden
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Hi Folks, I'll be moving to B'ham soon, any recomendation for an area to live/rent at? Budget is about �400pcm. Would like a nice/quite location which is near to shops....pls advice...ta!


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I live in Birmingham and know it very well. If you can give more detail I will try and help.

Are you starting a new university or a new job ? Where will you be based (city centre etc?) What type of area do you want to live (city centre, suburbs).

There are some lovely areas in the centre of Birmingham (Edgbaston and Harborne for example)

There are also some nice areas in the suburbs (Sutton Coldfield in the North East and Solihull in the South East)

But I have to say there are some AWFUL areas in Birmingham as well, many in the inner city (Sparkhill, Small Heath, Aston etc) so choose carefully.

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Thanks! vehelpfulguy, I'll be starting my own business and would like to like to live in the vicinity (5miles) of the City Centre. My main concern is the rental. I can only afford �400 to 450 max, for the time being. I'd like a 2 bedroom house. Meanwhile I'll look through the urls you posted.....BTW, where do you live? many thanks!!

I live in Solihull, South East of Birmingham, but it is fairly suburbian and somewhat out of the city.

Here is a free map of Birmingham that the council will send you.

Here is some more about Birmingham areas.

Update 1 of 2

Here is a pretty good map of the centre of Birmingham.

You can see "City Centre" marked on the map. You can also download the map as a PDF.

Overall I think the areas that are near the centre, are the nicest, and have a reasonable selection of houses to rent, are in the South West of the city.

As I said, Edgbaston is very nice (it is where Birmingam University is), but it may be a bit expensive.

Just outside that area is the areas of Harborne, Selly Oak, Kings Heath and Mosely. These are all fairly reasonable with lots of houses.

Warwickshire cricket club are just outside Mosely.

Slightly further out in that direction is Bournville. This is where Cadbury's are based (hence the name of the chocolate) and when the factory was moved out by the Cadbury family a 70 years or so ago, they built some lovely houses and some lovely buldings. No pubs in the area though as they were quakers.

That is the South West, now lets look at the other directions.

Update 2 of 2.

If you look South East then from the centre there is Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Small Heath. I am afraid I do not like any of these areas.

Got to be careful what I say, but lets just say there are loads of Curry restaurants in these areas, which may be just what you want.

Slighly further out in the South East is ****** Green and Hall Green which are pretty good, and are fairly suburban.

If we look to the North East we get Bordesley Green, Saltly, Alum Rock, Washwood Heath. Again, not very nice areas. Lots of poor run down housing and many of these areas need a major overhaul.

Birmingham City football club in based in Bordesley Green.

The North has Aston (where Aston Villa are based) and Spaghetti Junction (huge motorway interchange) but again, not nice areas.

Near Aston is Star City a major entertainment complex which is good if that is what you want.

As we move round to the North West you get Winson Green (where the prison is), not a nice area.

Also Handworth, where the race riots were a few years ago.

So as you can see, the South West of Birmingham comes out tops.

Note also there has been an attempt to get much more housing in and around the centre of the city, but these tend to be snapped up very quickly and I guess are fairly expensive.

One final thing (I think).

I come from London originally, and moved here for work reasons about 25 years ago, and I have been fairly critical of some of the local areas in my earlier appends.

But can I just say the council have done a great job of changing the city centre in the last 20 years.

We have the Convention Centre and Symphony Hall right in the middle of the city.

The Bull Ring shopping centre is amazing, as is the MailBox shopng centre.

The many canals that run through the city are gradually being improved with many flats, bars and restaurants opening along side them.

There are now loads of good bars, clubs, places to eat, and places to go in the city centre.

In fact some of the photos here will show you what has been done

Like this

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WOW! so many helpful suggestions!! I'm truly greatful. You know the area well....I'll go for SW of B'ham then....will survey the area myself this week...I'll keep you posted on my progress...if you have more tell....thanks again
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and since you've been very can be my 1st friend in Birmingham...what say you? my e-mail add is keep in touch!!

What sort of business are you starting, that may help to decide which area to move to.

Also where are you moving from ?.

I see you are called Van_Huzendt, are you from England or have you come from Holland or Germany ?

Sorry, but I have to try this. Has the system really censored ****** Green? (In case it has, I am talking about AC -OC-KS GREEN)

If it has - it's probably the best thing it could do for the area

I moved to Birmingham 4 years ago this March. I started off living on the Bristol Road, near King Edwards School; I now live in the city centre.

My advice would be not to move to Birmingham if you can help it. The west midlands generally is not a pleasant place to live. Birmingahm itself is full of aggresive, ignorant people. It is visually very grim (despite �M of Euro Union money). I work & live in the 'best parts' of the city & it is stuill grim.

When I was a student in London I used to live in the East End & get the bus or walk to Bloomsbury. During that time I never saw any trouble; not even on the night buses from Trafalgar Sq. Within 6 months of being in Brum I had witnessed two violent attacks on the bus during the rush hour in broad daylight!

If you really have to live in brum I would advise:

Avoid Small Heath (grim), Aston (shooting gallery), Edgbaston (you wont be able to afford the good bit the rest is red light zone), Moseley, they think its like Islington, it aint, Harborne, full of *******, Balsall Heath, dangerous, really. Get a place in worcester or shropshire and commte into New Street station or Snow Hill.

I genuinely wish you the best of luck.

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Hi Paul123, not a kind of answer I would expect, but thanks nonetheless...will watch out for the areas...cheers!!
Dear helpful guy,

It's wonderful to see some one analysing a city like you did.

I�m from Holland and I have been in Birmingham for half a year. First we found a place in Handsworth (felt like I was in Bombay), moved to Bordesley Green (looks better than it really is) and now moving again to Edgbaston. If I had your information in the beginning we wouldn�t have been moving this much.

Next year we want to buy a house. I don't know if you know anything about this subject but do you know the market segment of the different areas in B'ham?
for instance where do young married couples with incomes between $40,000 and $60,000 live? or the young professionals?


where in burmingham is a nice place to live
hi folks iam planning on moven to england iam looking for a nice area to live in burmingham with my kids iam looking for a flat to rent no more than 450 or 470 pcm greatings frm alicia marsdin
hi iam looking for a nice area to area to live in burmingham with yong kids

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