smeared glasses

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cas49 | 10:18 Thu 23rd Mar 2006 | Home & Garden
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Some of my glasses have become smeared after being in the dishwasher.

How can I make them clear again please?


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I have found all of my glasses put in the dishwasher have been ruined. You should hand wash all glasses.Tried everything to make them clear again but there is nothing you can do.
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Oh dear - thanks anyway
Try Vvnegar, it sometimes works, and can make them really shiny. It has the same effect on cutlery too

Sorry, I must've lost the ability to spell. I obviously meant vinegar.

Sorry to say that the damage is permanet, read here for a technical description of the problem.

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Many thanks for all your help
I'm afraid the others are right and once you get these milky blurry marks on your glasses they are permanently ruined. If you've got good quality (espeically crystal) glasses, wash them by hand. We go for the easy option now except for the occasional posh dinner when we're entertaining and buy plain cheap glasses which can be thrown away once they become milky. I've tried everything in the past and nothing really worked.
I agree with everyone - buy new glasses and never put them in the dishwasher. To help get a good sparkle use a drop of vinegar with your washing up liquid before rinsing.

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smeared glasses

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