Problems with my wallpaper

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AJShep79 | 09:50 Thu 23rd Mar 2006 | Home & Garden
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I have recently hung lining paper on my bedroom walls and i can see where the paper is becoming loose in some places on the 'joins' and edges. This is probably due to me not using enough paste when i hung the paper originally but how do i fix the problem now? i am planning on painting over my lining paper so need to ge it sorted. a friend recommended using the glue that you use to fix borders to wallpaper to stick the lining paper back down but i have found that is not very sticky at all and doesnt do the job. any other suggestions?


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This has happened to me & it's so irritating....
I believe you can buy some 'peeling-edge-stick-it-down' adhesive (you can tell I'm an expert eh?) in a tube from big diy stores or you could just mix up a tiny bit of thick paste. Dampen the paper lightly where it's coming up to make it pliable & carefully lift away, paste it with a small brush & smooth back down with a dry cloth & hold it for a minute till it sticks.
hope that helps...

Buy some pva adhesive paint it beneath where the paper is lifting and smooth paper back with wallpaper brush,some shops might try to sell you a border adhesive,but don't buy it,it is the same as pva but a lot dearer. Good luck.

If you get any excess pva wipe off with damp cloth.

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Problems with my wallpaper

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