heating/radiator problems

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londongirl | 00:17 Fri 17th Feb 2006 | Home & Garden
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I lived in a 3 story building, none of the top floor radiators are working. We had a leak on the 2nd floor, but couldn't trace it at the time....I'm now thinking it could have been the radiator.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Our landlady has a tendancy to send a cowboy plumber round, who makes the situation worse usually, so if anyone can give me tips that I can do myself it would be appreciated!


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The ball valve in the loft tank can stick depriving the system of water or if a sealed system, the pressure can drop especially if you have had a leak. After checking the system is fully primed the radiators will probably need bleeding to remove any air. Re-pressurise the sealed system afterwards. This may start your leak again if it was not fixed!

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heating/radiator problems

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