How much does it cost to cut down a VERY large horse chestnut tree?

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trigan | 17:51 Tue 24th Jan 2006 | Home & Garden
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fully grown. massive as you see in parkland. Any ideas how much i should expect to pay to have it felled?


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I cant imagine anyone taking it on without first making a visual assessment on site, a lot would depend on access to the tree and other obstickles ie buildings power cables etc. i would estimate a ball park figure of,say...�200-�800, but Quotes may vary emencely.

Have you checked with your local councils tree officer, re tree preservation order etc, he may also be able to advise you further too. Good Luck..

We paid �800 eight years ago to have half the height taken out and then shaped up.The cost included the hiring of a crane.

Although it had a preservation order on it the local council gave us permission due to the fact that it was in a dangerous condition-the trunk was rotten nearly all the way through at the halfway point.

My neighbour has a huge ash tree in his garden and he got a quote to get it cut down, I'm sure it was getting on for �2000!!!! Needless to say the tree is still in his garden!
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this is what i feared - the costs being banded about are astronomic. i certainly couldnt afford �2000 to cut one down - and i have TWO trees of this size to fell.

I realise i need help on this and have to get quotes but the reason for posting my message here was to get some sort of inside knowledge about what i ought reasonably to expect to negotiate to pay - i's like to think it was in the region of �200 or so per tree but that is looking highly unlikely.

The trees are chestnuts of course - so is there some type of business out there that is calling out for the wood from these - wishful thinking on my part but would hey offer to cut the trees for free if they could have the wood? does this sound at all a goer? if so who to contact? cheers!

Hi trigan, Hope you find a reasonable quote!

The wood of horse chestnut is unfortunately brittle and fairly poor quality and of little comercial value

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How much does it cost to cut down a VERY large horse chestnut tree?

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