How much electricity does stuff use?

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fairy! | 12:24 Sat 07th Jan 2006 | Home & Garden
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Is there a website that lists how much electricity things use per hour, eg washing machine, tumble drier etc? Or how much they cost to run per hour? Something along those lines. Thanks v much :-)


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yes - but i can't remember where!
However I found it when i was buying a generator, and one of the sites that was selling them gave ratings.
Here are a few guidelines for you:

A kilowatt-hour of electricity costs (on most tariffs) about 8p. This means that you can run a 1000W appliance for one hour for 8p. Based on this, we get the following approximate figures for one hour's use of each appliance (all rounded to nearest penny):

One-bar electric fire (or fan heater on 'low'): 8p
Two-bar electric fire (or fanheater on 'high'): 16p
100W light bulb : 1p
Tumble drier (Most use about 300W): 24p
Washing machine (Power consumption varies during cycle. Usually a maximum of 3000W but lower at some times): 20p
Electric Cooker (oven and two rings in use): 20p
Microwave oven: 7p
Fridge-Freezer: Under 1p (Typically about 8p per day)
Portable TV: 1p
Larger TV's (especially LCD & Plasma): 2p

Hoping this helps,


Multiply the power (in kilo watts) by the time used (in hours) by the tariff in pounds, and add tax. Will get your price in pounds.

Eg. Immersion heater on for 40 minutes @ 8p per unit.

3*2/3*0.08= �0.16 then add tax (not sure what it is, but I think it's 6.5%.

This site is pretty cool. 'Mr. Electricity' helps you figure out how much electricity you use. And don't worry it's free as far as i know. html
hope that helps.

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How much electricity does stuff use?

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