Removing a Willow Tree

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glycol2 | 06:13 Fri 06th Jan 2006 | Home & Garden
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How does one kill the roots on trees no longer required?


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It will almost certainly need chemical treatment unless you can afford to get the stump ground out by a profesional.

I'd use any of the SBK (systemic brushwood killers) type weedkillers and mix it with diesel (2 sbk : 1 diesel)

Drill some holes in the top of the stump around 6" deep and pour the mix in. Spring would probably be the best time to do it but be careful, sbk is quite a nasty chemical.


We've used copper nails very successfully. Just hammer several into any exposed wood and the roots will be killed off. It's less invasive than chemicals and very effective; i've seen this method used to kill large trees.

Willow is well known for sending up sucker growth from stumps and roots, cutting them back rejuvenates the even more. Chemical treatments are available if physical removal is impractical. Sodium chlorate is the one most commonly used, you can buy products tailored for this purpose from nurserymen and garden centres- Amicide and Stump-out are two that spring to mind.

Method- drill holes in cut stumps 2"apart and about 1 1/2" deep, fill with the chemical and seal with clay or secure polythene sheeting over the top/s to prevnt rain splashing it out.

Personal Safety-Use suitable protective clothing, rubber gloves and goggles, in case of accidental spillage. Good Luck..

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As logman says, willow will most likely produce sucker growth in the spring/early summer. Another effective way of getting into the stubborn roots that have produced sucker growth is to allow the sucker growth to open 2 or 3 sets of leaves and then use a systemic poison, such as glyphosate, on them. With willow and poplar, depending on the vigour, I have had to poison 2 or 3 times to ensure complete kill.
Good tip Alan, i guess if time is not of the essence that is a relatively safe and easy option. I remember many years ago completely wearing out a brace -and -bit, drilling down into a sycamore, my elbows never been the same since either!
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thank you for your very helpful replys roll on the summer and watch this space

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Removing a Willow Tree

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