A Hosepipe Ban Coming Into Force In My Area.

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ladybirder | 10:38 Fri 05th Aug 2022 | Home & Garden
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Anyone else? A week today ours starts but I am shocked to find that because I have a Blue Badge I am exempt so I can water my garden.

I wonder if someone will report me if they see me doing it. Ha!


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Why do people need to water their gardens? Flowers are not an essential requirement.
You're allowed to water gardens with a watering can but perhaps disabled people aren't expected to carry those - and rightly so.

Big lawns that need sprinklers suffer most in a hosepipe ban.
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They are for the bees Lankeela and the world needs bees.

I would hate to lose my lovely plum tree.

Yes I'm sure that's the reason Naomi. Going up steps with my walking stick and watering can would be a bit dicey. I've already fallen down the steps once and luckily a friend caught me.
Don't even think of going there, LB!! Stick to the hosepipe.
//They are for the bees Lankeela and the world needs bees.//

Just be careful not to drown them Lady. (^_*)

P.S. I am fond of my plums too.
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You'd love my plums Togo, they're delicious;-)

LOL Naomi. How funny, first time I've ever been told that in my life;-)
I've just topped up my rain butts and mulched my vegetables and trees, so hopefully I'm well-prepared
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Actually Togo and anyone else who's interested I have one of these so that bees can have a drink and they do use it. Birds use it as well of course.

Haaaaaaaaa! Just off to wash my mouth out. Lend me your hosepipe. :o)
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Well done Chips.

LOL N:-)
If one was in an area with a hosepipe ban and I saw my neighbour watering his/her lawn, I would "snitch " on problem at all.
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I think I'd have a word first and ask if they were aware of the ban. If they still did it I'd tell them I'd report them if they didn't stop.
Exactly ladybirder.
Bear in mind that the next stage after a hosepipe ban is stand-pipes in the street. If the ones who think their garden is more important than obeying the ban don't come to their senses they'll find themselves queuing for water in the street.
Yes lawns dont need watering... the grass will still grow back next year. theres bound to be rain before winter. Green lawns look nice but once there yellow /brown it needs alot to make them start to look green...why do some waste water on that when theres more important uses like washing and drinking for humans and pets
What if you are growing veg for the purpose of saving money...but your crops suffer due to lack of water? Just wondering
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Pasta you can still water them but with a watering can, not a hosepipe.
Pasta veggies are not flowers.
Do you want to come round to mine for a cuppa? Bring your blue badge so I can water my garden while you relax.
I didn’t know Blue Badge holders were exempt from hosepipe bans. Husband has a Blue Badge, but I do all the gardening stuff anyway, so it would feel wrong to take advantage and hose my lawn.

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A Hosepipe Ban Coming Into Force In My Area.

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