Water Dripping After Thames Water Works

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bond | 10:02 Sun 03rd Jul 2022 | Home & Garden
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My water company did some works (within one day) on the pavement outside and the supply was interrupted (with no prior notification). Now since those works, all of my taps are dripping, the shower head is dripping and the toilet pan/cistern is constantly filling. My ballcock in the cold water tank is quite new/recently replaced. It can't be a coincidence since their works that this is happening. Could they have increased the pressure, causing my ballcock to fail ? I'm quite annoyed by it all.


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Could be due to increased pressure & if all your taps are dripping maybe it's way too much. If water is leaking past the ballcock valve it will be overflowing somewhere - either into the toilet bowl, into the main drain or though a pipe to the outside.

Ring the water company.
Give the water company a call
//Residential water pressure shouldn't exceed 80 psi so if your gauge is showing above this, you should call a plumber to get it looked at by a professional. Fitting a pressure reduction valve could also help with your high-pressure water problems.//

(80psi seems very high anyway)
I would call them sooner rather than later.
Are your neighbours having the same problem or wouldn't if affect anyone else?
Maybe grit has got trapped in each, after you flushed, used the taps. Was the water dirty after the WB finished the work.

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Water Dripping After Thames Water Works

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