Internal Upvc Windowsills

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bonnie&clyde | 10:53 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | Home & Garden
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I live in an old house and want to cover some of the internal wood windowsills in upvc. Can anyone recommend what materials I need to look for and a how to video? Thanks


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I'm not really qualified to answer, but at least this will bring it back into Latest List.

I would suggest a look round the likes of B&Q and Wickes (there are others of course) in the Fascia Cladding aisles, and you may spot something appropriate. Good luck.
I've used this in the past and it did the job perfectly. I think I got mine from Wickes.
As you asked for a video, here's one that looks like it might help to answer your question.

[Hint: If you click on the title of the video, up at the top, rather than on the 'Play' button, it will open in a new YouTube tab. That will make it easier to see that looking at a somewhat smaller version here]:

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Internal Upvc Windowsills

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