Removing The Cloudy Deposit From Drinking Glasses After Dishwasher.

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douglas9401 | 19:13 Thu 30th Jun 2022 | Home & Garden
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Looking for a guaranteed foolproof way to fix this and then stop it happening again.


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Paper cups!
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They just go to mush, wolf.
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Thanks for that gingebee, but I'm looking to restore glasses already damaged.

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Nothing so grand as crystal but ordinary gear from IKEA, Fatticus. We don't have hard water either, except when frozen.

Maybe have to start again and stick with hand washing.
douglas, you'll see from the link, that if you have soft water but cloudy glasses then the problem is likely that the surfaces of the glasses have become corroded...i.e.there is no way to restore them.
swill with Gin and then drink it
Paper cups!
drink from the bottle
I just wipe witha slice of lemon
If the glasses are already scratched there is no chance. I buy every day cheap ones and stick em in the dishwasher. A lemon cut in half and stuck in there helps.
Get to IKEA, , new glasses , hand wash . Enjoy. :-)
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Thank you all.
Have you tried steralising fluid, e.g. Milton? I use it for thermos flasks and cut glass flower vases that are to narrow for my hand, to get excellent results.
Do you use quality dishwasher tablets, and keep both salt and rinse aid replenished?
Not fixable - use Dishwasher Safe glasses next time you buy glasses. All our old glasses went cloudy after time when we bought our first dishwasher.

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Removing The Cloudy Deposit From Drinking Glasses After Dishwasher.

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