Outdoor Ferns Indoors?

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pastafreak | 12:00 Thu 23rd Jun 2022 | Home & Garden
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I bought 2 small ferns yesterday, not realising they are hardy ferns for outside. I live in a flat.
The ferns are a Hart's tongue, and a common polypody.
My indoor ferns do well in my shaded east exposure kitchen.


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The ferns will have no knowledge as to whether they're indoors or outdoors. All that matters to them is that their growing conditions are ideal. If you can find them a spot indoors that offers partial shade, and you ensure that they're in moist but well-drained soli, I can't see why they shouldn't flourish.
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Thanks Chris...that's pretty much what I thought.
I'd rescued them from wilko...they never seem to water their plants.
Agree with Chris x
Give them rainwater and mist them regularly
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They are in my small kitchen where its nice and humid...hopefully they will be happy there with a few other ferns.

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Outdoor Ferns Indoors?

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