Leaky Rain Butt

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Chipchopper | 21:59 Wed 22nd Jun 2022 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone know how to keep an old oak barrel watertight ?


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I daren't even think of responding to this one, Chip, given some of the sensitivies of our AB female gardeners/horticulturists and older gen garden fanatics/ you know that you are on a dangerous very compost heap or even a boggy marsh.... Dare you to ask minty this during GMEB?
Agree ask minty
Best way is to keep it full of water, did it dry out?
Probably just need to get the wooden staves to swell. Try soaking it.
Just keep filling it with water until it’s swollen and tight.
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Good advice, thanks all.
It got to the stage where it was leaking faster than I could fill it.
I've since ordered a preformed liner for it, so I hope that will do the trick, wish me luck!
good luck....
I would drain it and then line the inside with plastic sheeting. That should do it.

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Leaky Rain Butt

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