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jennyjoan | 15:43 Mon 23rd May 2022 | Home & Garden
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I was given this fabulous suite before Christmas and of course being some years old there are faded patches on the seating area which I would like to get rid of.

I bought like good Furniture Polish - it covers for some days or weeks then it is back to fading again.

I went onto Youtube and found a lady advocating a paint (which I would like) for leather suites. I know this would be suitable as it would be long lasting (it is only for the seating areas).

Anyway just found they are based in Kentucky. Would anybody know if there is such a thing here in Britain. Thanks


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You could try this Jenny.
Alternatively you could google ' leather restores in my area' which is what I did and my sofa was like brand new
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thanks Margo but I have bought that - it just fades away - I am looking for a definite paint
The product you saw on YouTube might well have been Angelus leather paint. It's actually produced by a company in Germany (which is where it would be shipped from) but they operate a UK-based website:

The few reviews I can find online all appear to be positive.

I'll append some relevant YouTube videos below. (I've not really watched any of them. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether they help or not).

Scroll down a bit for leather restorers in Belfast
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thanks for the links (which I haven't looked at yet) but this is the one I was interested in - so Chris - would it be the same as you suggested.

The paint in your video, Jennyjoan, is a 'wonder' all-in-one product that can (according to the manufacturer, at least) be used to paint just about everything. So it's exactly the same stuff that people use to paint their front doors, their cupboards and everything else.

My instinct would be to avoid such a product, as I'm always wary of something that is sold as a panacea for every type of problem.

Further, I find myself wondering why a company with such a 'fantastic' product only sells online and doesn't market its products through companies like Home Depot and Lowe's in the USA. (How many UK paint companies do you know who wouldn't offer their paints through B&Q or Homebase if they could? Something just doesn't seem right to me somehow).

So, if you're determined to go down the route of painting your leather sofa, my recommendation would be to go for the Angelus paint, which is marketed as a specialist product specifically for use on leather. (You can't buy the US stuff here anyway). Please don't blame me if it all goes wrong though!
Don't wear your white trousers after painting the leather. What could possibly go wrong?
I wouldn't do it. I'd let the leather age as it should. It just seems applying anything other than wax would affect texture and how it feels.
Isn't one of the plus points of leather that it's meant to look "aged" (both furniture and clothes)? It's not supposed to look new - unless it IS new.
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