Is The Roach Bait Gel Causing An Increase In Cockroach Activity?

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the_master1124ya | 09:38 Sun 22nd May 2022 | Home & Garden
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I'm using a Roach bait geil to try to ELIMINATE a German Cockroach problem. I applied little Tiny Droplets in small crevices in very dark and hard to reach corners. I reapplied gel every other week for about a month now. But just yesterday, I have been seeing a lot of them.
I can't go for about a HALF HOUR without seeing one.
They are usually little baby roaches. I hardly ever see any adults.
Is this increase in activity and the scope of the infestation a sign that soon, I will be seeing lots of DEAD cockroaches all over my floor by the end of this week?


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There is on the market a surface spray named Dethlac.
Personal experience has showed it kills petty much everything.
Sprayed it according to the directions a couple of inches from the skirting boards (we have wooden flooring) around the entire house and literally within a couple of days all the bugs ( silverfish, and a few others were all dead ).
Did have top use two cans - apparently its made from Crocus's.

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Is The Roach Bait Gel Causing An Increase In Cockroach Activity?

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