Painting pebbledash exterior walls

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clueless_pau | 20:23 Sat 17th Dec 2005 | Home & Garden
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Total Novice here..

I have a 30s built semi with a pebbledashed exterior.. currently unpainted.

I feel I have to paint it as the new rendering around replacement windows is totally different and looks very odd.

How should I attempt to paint the pebbledash?

With a good old brush?


Spray gun (hire or buy)?

Do I need to prime?

Or should I get the experts in?

If so how much would it cost (3 bed 30s semi in South London/Surrey borders)?

Like I said, total novice..on a limited budget.

Thanks very much for any advice you can give.


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its certainly easier getting the experts in but also very expensive.

no need to prime the exterior pebble dash, just paint over it with a good quality exterior masonry paint from one of the big manufacturers, dulux, crown, sandtex etc, the walls are already textured so make sure you buy a normal untextured coating. firstly though, make sure the pebbledash is in good order and not flaking off, otherwise it may need completely stripping and re-coated.

the difficulty in coating pebbledash is that it is hard to get the paint into the gaps between the aggregate. a roller will probably not work. a brush would be good if you use a dabbing motion but this will take a long time. the pros would probably spray it on, this is the quickest method and would give a very good finish if your competent with a spray-gun. you can hire sprayguns and compressors at most good tool hire shops. get the shop to show you how to set the gun up and use it and then have a little practice on some scrap wood.

you may have to apply 2 coats though to get a good even finish, depends on how good the paint is.

and a word of warning from someone who works for a paint manufacturer. dont bother with the door to door companies who claim they can coat your house in a wonder coating that lasts 20 years. its just normal exterior masonry paint, they just charge the earth for it and to apply it.


Very good answer above but I would reccomend DIY for cost reasons and doing the job properly, I use the Brush method on mine it is,nt easy and takes quite a while but don't forget if you use a spray gun you would have to mask all areas you do not want painting, this would take some time to do.

Most people recommend this page for advice about painting pebbledash. :) http://www.neverpaint...rolean-masonry-walls/

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Painting pebbledash exterior walls

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