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ukanonymous | 17:24 Sat 26th Feb 2022 | Home & Garden
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So this driveway cost 25k euros. Its Portugese style. 2 people came and put down the hard-core and gravel and the borders then another Portuguese gent are and is laying the granite blocks and then will fill with cement. But if you look at the borders on the left of the drive it looks stupid. The paving stones are supposed to be 50mm below the top of the boarder. So when they lived the drive and did the borders they messed up. Anyway after lengthy discussions we agreed the levels are not a problem bit it looks horrible :( what should I do to resolve this please we are a bit stuck what to do.

Oh yeah we actually had to pay an additional 2k for the borders which is rediculous in my eyes.

I am going to show them what you answer so your input is very valuable.


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Calcada, which is what you have, does not usually have a border. The stones are usually flush with the earth on the other side. There is usually two rows of stones that are laid straight along the edge
The levels ARE a problem - borders are too high. Get it redone correctly.
Where I needed to have a border I used rocks from my land to make an irregular border and have creeping succulents growing over them. Calcada laying is very labour intensive as each stone is tapped with a hammer to fit against the other stoned. Looking at your drive the price seems appropriate. I have been involved with building a development and we used a lot of calcada!
As I said Calcada does not usually have a border!! It is flush with the earth on either side
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Calmck so what would you suggest as he will finish laying them next week. The guy laying them is absolutely amazing though it was the guys who did the boarder that sucks :(
//It is flush with the earth on either side//

There isn't much earth on the left side - the land falls away somewhat.
I would get rid of the border, level the land to the edge of the calcada and if you have natural rocks on the land use them and plant hardy native ground cover to go over them
I’m not sure why you’ve actually asked fo a border as it doesn’t need it and doesn’t usually have one.
*for a border
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Snowball we didn't ask for a border. When they started working they said that we need one at an additional 2k expense
You do not need one
If I were you I’d ask them to take the border up and ask for that money to be refunded. Would that be possible??
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Ok taking out the whole side of that boarder and leveling the land.. it really makes sense to me.. thanks. I doubt the will refund me ut hey
I am surprised the man laying the calcada didn't say anything

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Border Of Driveway

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