Scratch removal from ceramic hob

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Jamjar74 | 14:12 Thu 15th Dec 2005 | Home & Garden
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I have a Belling Touchtronic hob which I clean regularly with Hob-Brite. However I have several scratches on it and wondered if anyone knew of a scratch remover for hobs. Thank you.


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I had a glass top hob which I have just changed (is that the kind you mean? )not only can you not get the scratches out but mine came with a warning not to use the hob if scratched because it could be dangerous at it might heat up unevenly and thus shatter
As above, you can't remove scratches in ceramic hobs. Equally unless the scratches are real bad and deep its a bit OTT not to use it again.

Can you not use nail varnish to touch it up. Obviously it will be trial and error to get the best matching colour.

do you know how to unlock the child lock feature...ive been looking for an answer since the hob has beeen fitted a few days ago, and i have not been able to cook anything since!!

Please someone must know how to remove the child lock...

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On my hob you just holdhold the security key fortwo seconds or so, the red light goes off and you can then press the on/power and select your cooking hobs. Hope this works on yours.

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Scratch removal from ceramic hob

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