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jennyjoan | 11:51 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | Home & Garden
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I got one of the above put in yesterday - something like this link

As you can see there is a little grill at the top of radiator - is it ok to put a towel over this - also I had to leave plumber and so I just give him a key of the house to lock up and throw throw letterbox. so didn't have time to ask question.

The question being - do I need a wee key to bleed this radiator. thanks for any info


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Putting a towel over radiator won't cause a fire hazard but if it is wet it could lead to mould in the room if you do it regularly without opening a window.
Why do you want to bleed the radiator? According to the paperwork it was supplied with an airvent key
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Ok Barry. I have alway bled my old rads when they needed. Plumber just rang me and told me there is a wee air vent at side of radiator that's new to me. Only use dry fancy glitter towels over rad never ever wet
I cant see any harm in drying a wet towel on a radiator, unless there's an issue with the rads being prone to rust from the towel's moisture. Ask your plumber why you shouldn't do it.
What's a glitter towel?
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A towel with glitter. Lol
jenny, I think he was pulling your leg! Or you're pulling mine. :-)
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Atheist. I only put a very pretty ornamental never to be touched towel on rad. I don't have a man so don't have a master. There is one hand towel and that's it
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