How To Ration Food By Locking It Away?!

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wolf63 | 20:01 Fri 21st Jan 2022 | Home & Garden
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I have started a low-carb/low GI diet and it is going well. I want to add some protein bars to the mix. The problem is that they are not cheap and if I buy a packet there is every possibility that I will eat them all very quickly.

Has anyone seen a device like a small safe, something that I can stash the bars in and set a timer so that I can't access the box until the time set?


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self-discipline, young lady, self-discipline....why not a small amount of meat or cheese for the protein intake - and it's more natural.
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Bednobs - the first one is too easy to break into, Frankie mastered it in mere minutes. :-)

Thanks for the second link - at least I know that such a 'thing' exists.
If you buy protein bars you probably wouldn't want to eat more than one. Even the seagulls didn't want to eat the ones I bought.
oh it's for the puss-cats?
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237SJ - I like them but they are too easy to eat.

DTC - no, it is for the big, fat human. I am cat-less since the death of Frankie over a year ago. That's him in my profile picture, such a handsome lad.
I thought you had a new tiger....any candidates on the horizon?

Back to the thread though, to me it's about a natural diet, lots of veg - and fruit if you like fruit - and then sensible protein intake, no need for supplements, the veg - keep on the al-dente side, steaming a really good way....
Have you thought about other sources of protein for a snack? Protein bars are not cheap and high in calories and additives. You could snack on a piece of cheese, chicken tikka pieces, spicey prawns etc.
I've just had a cauli cheese, a home-made cheese roux, then with steamed mini-sprouts, green beans and pointed cabbage, 7 minutes in the steamer - and, outrageous that it is, a couple of small knobs of butter for extra protein and a sprinkle of Cornish sea-salt. time 10 mins for prep and 30 mins cooking.
I get mine from here high quality and cheaper if you bulk buy, can't help with the discipline situation:
I agree, protein bars are not the answer. And the fact they are more-ish is not a good sign.
Keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge, or those mini tins of tuna, cheese, pots of natural or Greek yoghurt...not the flavoured ones! Berries are good also as they are low sugar.
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Thanks, TTT, I will have a look.

I don't cook and that is not going to change. I have cut down on eating bread and other refined carbs and I am eating more protein in the form of meat/chicken/fish.

I have managed to have my diabetic medication halved by sticking to this current diet. I have secondary diabetes which has come from being Insulin Resistant since my teens.

I have to eat some carbs as if I don't I can get very depressed (I also have Manic Depression and have been advised to follow this diet by my psychiatrist).

I am living on my favourite meal just now - chicken salad with butter beans and spinach, lettuce is banned.
Cheese is also discouraged and I was told that I was eating too much fruit (I am not good at rationing that either).

I have been having shaking muscles/limbs caused by the toxic effect of Lithium but now that I am off Lithium I am not shaking so much.
I have discovered that popcorn is 'allowed' but not crisps. I noisily munch my way through a bag of popcorn when I am working in Oxfam on a Monday. Our Oxfam shop sells chocolate - I like chocolate but I manage to resist.

The problem is Susan that you will have the ability to get into ANY timer type box
Wolf, it sounds like you are doing amazingly well. You should be happy with your progress.
You could just hide your protein bars in a lockable money box, then hide that in as awkward a place as possible. Then you'd have to be really determined if you want to access them.
It looks as though you’re doing quite well for protein with your chicken and butter beans. I would leave the protein bars alone. Maybe buy some seeds to add to your breakfast porridge or cereal as they are a good source of protein. Nuts, too and pulses.

It’s also worth knowing that mixing proteins doubles the impact. For example beans on granary toast is very high in protein as the combination of bean and grain makes the protein levels higher. Seeds in natural yoghurt is another way to increase the impact.

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How To Ration Food By Locking It Away?!

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