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jennyjoan | 18:33 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | Home & Garden
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When I was newly fangled with the above - I just cleaned with damp cloth but then I bought Mr Sheen wipes and was only able to sort of wipe down two sit-down cushions when the wipe became dry as of doing it just there now. Just wanted to see what it was like.

You could get through a whole packet if (and someday when I am up to it) I will give the whole suite a good cleaning. But would a damp cloth with a tiny bit of detergent be ok or would that take the brown dye out. Thanks for answers.


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You shouldn't use detergent, a barely damp micro fibre cloth after you have removed any spills,dust and debris should suffice, then go over with a soft dry cloth.
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right Mamy - no detergent then. I bought leather balming stuff like ages ago but find it sorta doesn't cover the "worn" marks (tiny) that I see when I have reading glasses on. Any advice there. Thanks
Mrs. bb advises the following:
use Autoglym Leather Cleaner, then Autoglym Leather Care Balm, both obtainable from car accessory shops, e.g. Halfords. Yes, I know that these are for cars, but leather is leather, and you will find that these two products are OK for your suite.
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thanks bookbinder - appreciate the answer.
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Would you either of you know how to deal with the tiny scratches.
BB's right, a good leather is ideal for now and then, my reply was on daily maintenance.

Worn patches are simply that and part of the life of the suite, stop them getting too dry.
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that's right Mamy - part of the suite's life. This won't be my last suite as I still like fabric and cream colour and so if I liked another one - I'll get it.
Mrs. bb agrees with Mamy as regards the scratches. That's part of the life of a leather suite. Try to look the other way, jenny!
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But Bookbinder - you see them Everywhich way you look
Leather suites are a bit like people: after a long life, ailments start to show that cannot be cured. We have to live with our ailments, and leather suites are the same!
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Ach it's good to be short-sighted sometimes.
I don't think a "repair kit" is needed...I'd buy some leather recolouring balm (in the appropriate colour/shade) if I was that concerned about the appearance.
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I did buy a tiny pot of that Furniture clinic balm but whilst haven't used it much it didn't take away the wee marks. Ach I'll live with it until I get my new one.
Suzie Fletcher the lady on The Repair Shop works wonders on leather. You may get some tips if you can get this on catch up
I have my leather suite years and it still looks good. The instructions said to use a damp cloth and plain water only
JJ, I am begging you not to even think of buying a new suite for at least ten years
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I am only on now Barry - why would I not buy another one for 10 years. Were you tortured last time LOL.

if so, get away with that wi ye - catch yoursel on. LOL
The new suite was a nightmare, JJ. But then it was a rug to match, cushions to brighten it up, then cushions that didn't slip, then a teeny tiny table......
I'm waiting for you to want new curtains and wallpaper to finish it off. :D
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oh - don't you worry Barry sweetheart. I've had my HandymanTom on Monday to do bits and bobs and put a right hand stair bannister on for me. £200

Then yesterday (my radiator has been leaking) - I knew this would happen radiator is 40 years old, plumber and his brother came this morning to say they are having difficulty in getting radiator which will match and a tile will have to come off my bathroom wall - but I won't see the missing tile -but they are coming tomorrow £200

£400 in two days

Can't stand workmen in my home - nooooooooooooooooooooo LOL

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