Any Documents Needed For Sale Of House Relating To New Kitchen ?

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CW1 | 16:22 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | Home & Garden
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I had a new kitchen fitted a couple of years ago. The only electrical work was fitting new sockets & light, with a couple of extra sockets. I want to now sell the house, will I need any paperwork relating to the new kitchen ?

Unfortunately it all ended on a bad note with the kitchen fitter for various reasons, just a couple of examples being he was given a deadline but didn't finish on time (was still in there when a new tenant moved in), he lost the key I'd given him so I had to replace the lock & deducted the cost of it from his bill, & more. Much more. The upshot was he sent me a bill when he did finally finish & after sending a very comprehensive list of reasons why I wasn't going to pay it in full, I paid what I felt was owing (& was actually fair about it).

He never gave me any paperwork, no invoices for materials, & certainly no certificates of any description. Could this pose a problem when I sell ?


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I doubt it. A prospective buyer sees what he sees, and accepts or rejects it.
Personally, I would get a certified electrian in to check the electrics and not worry.

As long as the kitchen is not an extension and meets building regulations, what you paid or didn't pay doesn't affect the sale. If he hasn't submitted any paperwork, paid tax, etc. it is the builder that will have the problems.

If you had done all the work yourself you wouldn't be asked any questions about what it cost. But don't take my word for it. I can only say what I think still applies because we did all building and renovation work on our house ourselves and have never been questioned about costs.

You will probably need to supply details of things like boiler maintenance, etc. but not the cost, just proof.

We have just sold a house and had to apply for an electrical certificate from a certified electrician
None needed for the electrics, however we would issue a minor works to cover ourselves and to confirm that all necessary testing was carried out.
That said, it would be prudent to get a condition report done and rectify any code 1 and code 2 faults as a minimum to get a satisfactory report. If your buyer insists on a satisfactory report it may end up costing you more and could hold up the conveyancing process.
Just wanted to stick my nose in and say that kitchen work is not notifiable under Building Regs. So you're alright there.

One thing that Ryzen forgot to mention is that any NEW circuits in the kitchen are notifiable.
I guess you simply had alterations and additions to the existing circuits.

Also, I've never tried to sell a house without an EICR (Electrical Installation condition Report, then it's done.
These days, you WILL be asked about the Electrical Installation when you sell.
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Think it was Building Regs I was thinking of. Did have an EICR done last April (when it became a legal requirement in rented properties, as I recall), so think I'm good after all. Thanks all :)

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Any Documents Needed For Sale Of House Relating To New Kitchen ?

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