Thumb Turn /Wheel Cylinder Lock

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Bazile | 22:20 Sun 16th Jan 2022 | Home & Garden
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Are the above safe and secure , as opposed to a lock with a key for the outside and and a key for the inside ?


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The Builder ?- if you see this

What's your opinion - would you have one on your front door - would you recomend this type of lock ?
i have a thumb turn on the inside of my front door. It's SO secure i can't open the door (it's too little and difficult for me to turn). If i want to leave the house when no-one else is here, i have to exit via the back door, go round the side and open the side gate. If you are considering getting one, and have anyone who is even slightly feeble that will need to open it - beware!
Question Author
Excuse the first question mark in mine at 0952hrs
Aren’t they meant to be used in conjunction with a keyed lock? is this what you mean?
Baz... I guess you mean the type where the exterior is locked with a key, but the interior has no key, just a thumbturn?;adgrpid=60048488344&gclid=CjwKCAiAxJSPBhAoEiwAeO_fPzix3-r5nvBBQDoACKSEIwO7WeopdZbxJ3xsulmmA8gm8tcIa0s5qRoC1qAQAvD_BwE&;hvadid=259050583900&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1006707&hvnetw=g&;hvqmt=e&hvrand=3200491389634094569&hvtargid=kwd-299040496266&hydadcr=26218_1767519&tag=googhydr-21&;ref=pd_sl_1o3ee6xr6f_e

Fire Officers like them because you can escape a burning building without having to faff about looking for the key. Quite an important consideration.

I have them myself. They're Norwegian timber doors and windows, and they come as standard.

If I want to lock up for the night, it's just a case of going around and turning a few thumbturns.........
The builder. I want to replace my turny thing. Is that possible? I asked yhe people who installed the door and they said no. Not that I believe them If! If not can you recommend something I could use to make the turn thing bigger and easier?
Question Author
The Builder

Yes that's the type that's been suggested by the Double Glazing company for my front door .

I'm Having new windows and a front door replaced .

I presume the bolts around the door is operated by the door handle and the door handle is then locked by the thumbturn .

Would that be correct ?
Exactly right Baz.

Bednobs ............ if you have a uPVC door like Baz's, then it's just a simple replacement.
Unless you have something else?
Question Author
Thanks the builder

Do they come with the level of security standard that insurers usually require ?
I was afraid you were going to ask me that Baz.
The usual answer applies................. it depends.

For normal security, i.e. making it difficult to break in/resistance to drilling etc, there should be no worries on that score.

But....... some insurers like the keylock ones because they don't want the burglars to have a nice big easy escape route for bulky items.
The general advice is to ask your insurers what they require. Every situation is different. There are several factors. They may well allow thumbturns if everything else is ok. They should because thumbturns are very popular now. I really can't believe that so many people could be uninsured.

When I fitted my doors, the suppliers assured me mine would comply.
yes, it's composite with a massive vertical handle on the outside
Beds............. anything like in my Amazon link for Baz up there? ^^
possibly. door looks similar to this on the outside
with the thing in my pic up there for the inside
I can't see how that one operates, Beds.

I guess it's just a pull handle?
How do you operate the locking levers after you've put the key in?
you just turn the key
the key is only on the outside. the inside is just the turny thing to open the door
i dont care about locking it btw, just getting out would be nicce
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Thank you TB

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Thumb Turn /Wheel Cylinder Lock

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