Help With Emergency Electric - Ie Have No Electricity.

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Smowball | 10:57 Fri 31st Dec 2021 | Home & Garden
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Before I offer any false advice can anyone help??

Couple with v young child - both on benefits (him for mental health). Have electric meter, are with BULB, in housing association property. House is in remote area. Costing fortune to keep driving to nearest town every ime they need to top payment key up. Were on their emergency credit yesterday and realised benefits were going to be late due to bank holidays etc. Emergency credit ran out yesterday afternoon and they get NO money till tomorrow, so they are in a house with no electricity whatsoever. Someone has told them of a code where you ring your energy provider and simply ask for a FUEL VOUCHER. they then txt you a code which you take to your top up shop and they top you up £49 which you don’t have to pay back, and it is apparently a non advertised help. Even if true you still have to somehow get to the top up shop in the first place.
They are both in a bit of a state and don’t know what to do - even if they manage to get some money most of it is going on petrol to get to shops in first place!
Is there any other emergency help that can top their meter up remotely??
I just don’t know what to advise.


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I honestly don’t know Barry, but I just don’t know what else to suggest to them.
I've googled and there is some assistance available but it very much depends on where they live - which council. Different schemes for different areas
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The address comes under Norfolk?
Benefits aren't paid on Saturdays, are they? Monday is a bank holiday so they won't get paid until Tuesday but usually benefits are paid early when they fall on bank holidays.
Tell them to phone the benefits office and their energy company
Aren’t benefits paid early if it’s a Bank Holiday?
They are, boto, as I said at 10:08

Maybe that is the problem - they got paid early before Christmas so the money has to last longer until next benefit payment day
contact local social services crisis team..with children they will have some priority for help
Do not contact Social Services. One they get their hooks in people, they're on you for life and can make difficult situations even worse. Avoid!
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Is today classed at as a Bank Holiday?
Smow,the bank holiday is on Monday.
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Right ok.
This happened to my daughter one Christmas eve when my granddaughter was 6 months old. She lived in a village and her partner was away. She phoned her provider EON and I'm sure they were able to increase the balance on her pre-payment meter remotely. This was 13 years ago.
It is possible that some places won't be open today as it's New Years Eve. I have a feeling E-on are not operating today, except emergencies.
Smow, you say they are with Bulb, I thought they were one of the companies that went bust?
Whoever anyone suggests for you to tell them about, they might need an emergency number.
Hope they get it sorted.
Bulb hasn't gone bust and they should be open today - they should offer temporary credit if they apply here
Question Author
Well I’m with BULB too actually but we are still going - apparentLy everyone’s account will just be transferred to another provider. I think I’m going to ring BULB myself and ask hypothetically and see what they suggest??
Question Author
Thankyou for all answers - am going to make a few calls and will keep you updated xx
Smow - the people you are trying to help are adults, just give them the phone number(s) and let them deal with it. If I were them I would phone the following in this order:

Bulb - ask for emergency temporary credit
The benefits office - where's my money, it's late
The Norfolk Assistance Team

Social Services would be a very last resort for the reasons already given.

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Help With Emergency Electric - Ie Have No Electricity.

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