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Teapots1 | 13:06 Tue 07th Dec 2021 | Home & Garden
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Have the days of getting a proper quote for a job gone out of the window.
It seems a lot of traders just want to give what I term to be a blind figure that proves hard to compare, or work out what you are paying for.

My experience at the moment is with heating engineers, large or independent. I intend over the next 2/3 months having a new boiler, the one I have is still working but getting old and don't intend throwing cash away on expensive repairs.

In my case it would be a straight swap over, a 36kw like for like, so a days work to fit. The problem is they don't want to, or won't quote for the price of the boiler, flu, filter and cleaner, plus a few fittings, then the labour cost.

It seems that in most cases / blind figure that I've had includes the smallest possible boiler they can get away with for my 3 bed house, I don't want the smallest boiler, the heating side would be fine with a smaller boiler, but I want a larger hot water flow, and the 36kw gives me that. Is it just that time of year when some people are desperate for a new boiler due to breakdown and will accept anything and any price without knowing the true cost? Have you experienced such in getting proper quotes for jobs. Thanks.


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If you bought your preferred boiler then you could request quotes to fit it.....these ought to be less vague.
I suppose it might depend on where you are.
I have only just had my heating on this year. Put it on last week and it needed new pump, thermostat etc so instead of having it repaired (20 years old) I've got a new boiler.
Plumber came on Friday- I decided on new boiler and he fitted it Monday. Quote up front - days work -excellent.
I try not to put heating on too soon but 10 degrees is not good for an arthritic, disabled 80 year old!
Don't know where you live but last year needed a new boiler. Contacted the company that put in previous one and been responsible for service and maintenance. Quote given, itemised for boiler, additional parts and labour. Fitted on time no problem

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Anyone Else Find The Same Problem

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