Immersion Heater's (Lack Of) Longevity

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Canary42 | 20:56 Fri 12th Nov 2021 | Home & Garden
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Although this post is specific to Immersion Heaters, I am also interested in people's views generally on how long stuff should last.

My immersion heater packed up the other day, and in researching on the internet I came across one site (I can't find it again now - always happens) which glibly stated they need replacing after 3 years. This astounded me - I've had mine in situ for over 20 years (admittedly on inspection it is in very bad condition) without any problems until now.

To replace one every three years would be an absolute pain IMHO, why is there such an emphasis on what appears to be "planned obsolescence" these days ?

So, immersion heater users, how long have you had yours ?


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When we had an immersion heater. The thermostat went every year, the element every two to three years. A royal pain as we are in a very hard water area. Now, gas boiler, no problem.
I have lived in this house for 37 years and the immersion heater I use is the one that was here when I moved in !
You are a wonderful exception burlyshirley.
Fit an Incaloy heater should last..if you can get the old one out!
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Yes Ryzen, I have fitted an Incaloy, as recommended for hard water area.

And getting the old one out was certainly challenging (which is why I wouldn't want to have to do it every three years).
My Dad, who was a plumber was surprised it was still going strong a few years ago. He has been gone for over six years now, bless him, and I still have no problems. Hope that doesn't all change now !
It probably depends on how much it is used.

A sensible person (if they have another heating source) would never turn it on.
I've had my current immersion heater for about 7 years after the previous one packed in after 25 years. It's not a real problem to replace though and they are cheap enough
I have very hard water, by the way
I'm in a hard water area & it's a right royal pain for everything that uses water. Unless you spend a fortune on water softening systems or chemical additives you can expect to replace appliances very regularly. And don't get me started on the effect on taps & cleaning the bathroom!
dave, apart from electric kettles my appliances last well, including the showers.
No matter how much I spend on a kettle it looks manky very quickly so I just buy cheap ones and change often
It's cheaper at the end of the day to get a water softener. In a 40-year old house we are still on the original boiler/radiators/immersion heater etc. Kettles last for ever and we never need to scrape scale off taps.
Opened this thread again because my ancient immersion heater actually packed up this morning ! Could it be the thermostat - any experts out there ?
This didn't show in 'latest posts' so sending it again ...
certainly not immortal
Hi Shirley some Abers use this to communicate below the radar

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Immersion Heater's (Lack Of) Longevity

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